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Good morning son. I woke up and I thought to write a post for you, even though my blog is in Italian and people here won’t understand why I’m doing it. On the other hand English became an international language and most of the people know it, many in a elementary way, but sufficiently to understand the meaning. I should keep for me, I suppose, my emotions and not to show them to everybody, but why not to do it if a blog is also a way of giving people a part uf us? I’d like to thank life for giving me a son who had the strenght to be what you are today. You are a man now, with all the heavy problems that a man has to carry during his life, and I know that you’re handling them as one should do: with patience, intelligence and love. I’m proud of your strenght, and a little less proud of myself if I think about the father I’ve been and how I could have been if life made me different. But it’s too easy to say “if”; I was born in a way and I tried to be a better man during this hard, long street. Did I do it? I don’t know. May be. I can’t judge myself, but you and Silvia, “your sister” will do it. What I can give both of you, through the words, is the only thought of love, wich it may be not enough, but it’s the only thing I have. Sometimes I wonder why God gave us so many pains and what is his project, that’s why I ask him to do me a favor: do whatever you want with me, but don’t let my son and my daughter loose respect and love for me. I don’t deserve it, even if I’m not perfect. Whatever I did, I didn’t want to hurt anybody. Take care, son, and don’t forget that love is the only thing that moves people and souls.

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  1. Coming from me (your son) I do respect and love you. So that’s not something you need to worry about, ever again. We all go through things and pains and learning, but you also had the guts to admit things and be a man and face those things that came our way. That I respect. You also have a great sense of humor. I couldn’t imagine my father having none. We couldn’t get along. Something else we don’t have to worry about.